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Master the Art of
Impact Mapping

Align Your Efforts with Business Goals and Deliver Real Value

Advance your career by improving your decision making, communication and collaboration skills, increasing visibility, developing leadership skills, and managing stakeholders effectively. All with the help of effective Impact Mapping.

Take the next step and stop pulling your goals out of thin air by tying the outcomes from the Impact Map back to your OKRs.

Learn from a seasoned practitioner and a small group of like-minded people in a hands-on interactive course.

Online work meeting

No idea why you're building that feature?

Stop the guesswork in making decisions to build a product that has a real impact on your customers, other stakeholders, and the business. A well done Impact Map helps you to connect the dots between the overall business objectives and the different elements of the product to make more informed decisions about how you allocate resources and prioritize opportunities and solutions.

Particularly it helps you to

  • focus on delivering value to the customer, rather than just completing a list of features or tasks, by making clear how the team's work is contributing to the desired business outcome.

  • link your team's efforts and outcomes they're working towards to business goals.

  • work on outcomes that your team can impact directly, or is aligned with the other teams to share an outcome.

  • improve communication and collaboration among team members by creating a common understanding in the team of what success looks like.

  • increase team motivation by breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable chunks and showing the team how their work fits into the bigger picture.

  • identify assumptions that the company and your team is making and make decisions about investments into further discovery and experimentation efforts.

Closing the loop between Impact Mapping and OKRs will then eventually help you to set the focus on the right Objectives that make a real impact on the most important actors and the business.

What you'll learn

Learn how Impact Mapping works in a hands-on and practical way and use it confidently in your company, and how you can use it in combination with the most common goal setting framework OKRs.

You'll learn how to systematically identify stakeholders beyond the typical user, customer, or budget keeper that have a leverage on your business goals.

You'll learn how to find real user outcomes that have an impact on the actors and business goal that you're working towards.

You'll learn the full impact of ideating solutions based on outcomes to achieve, and how these connect to further steps of experimentation.

You'll learn how to use the desired outcomes of actors in the Impact Map to create OKRs that drive your team's effort.

Beyond the Impact Mapping context, after this course you will have learned how to differentiate real user outcomes from product outputs, and how to formulate good outcomes.

And finally, you’ll get an overview of how to use the Impact Map in the context of other methods like OKRs, lean experimentation, continuous discovery, North Star Metric, and more.

Course details

Start date: 21. February 2023

5 weeks

1 hour live session per week with me

1 hour live session per week within your peer-group

Slack group to ask questions

This course follows a "flipped classroom" model. That means you'll work through videos, articles, and exercises on your own before attending each week's live session. During the live session, you'll get hands-on practice putting the lessons into practice. As you practice, I will be available to answer questions and give feedback.

At the end of the course, you will have created an Impact Map in the context of the product that you're working on, and will have defined one path of it in more detail. You will also have created Key Results for one Objective.

If you're currently not working on a product, you can practice Impact Mapping with any product that you're currently using.

Please note that this course in not focusing on teaching you how to create meaningful OKRs.


Your Instructor:
Büşra Coşkuner

Büşra Coşkuner is a product coach, trainer and educator who's dedicated to growing individuals to confident product professionals, and creating strong product teams. In her 12 years of product management and leadership career, she has worked at product-led companies like Doodle and home24, and is now engaged as a Product and Agility Coach at SIX Digital Exchange, the world's first fully regulated Financial Market Infrastructure. In the companies that she has advised and worked for, she has introduced agile & lean product management and discovery processes, and modern product management practices, Impact Mapping being one of many.

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