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Master your Product Management Craft

Group coaching
for product manager

Develop into a confident product manager who knows how to build impactful products.

Learn from an expert, and get inspired by exchanging different experiences with a group of like-minded product professionals.

Online work meeting

Figuring out Product Management on your own?

Are you stuck in your own head while trying to advance in your career?

You want to become a better product manager but you don't have anyone to learn from?

You don't know if you're doing your job right and would like to know your unknown unknowns?

You want to up-skill and take your career to the next level?

Product Management is hard. As a Product Manager you're a jack of all trades.

Figuring out how to become a great Product Manager on your own is tough.

Let me help you become a confident product manager,
and to get clarity and focus on your skills development.

In our online group coaching sessions, you'll get to exchange experiences, ideas, feedback, and questions with other product professionals. Because diverse input leads to better results than one-sided discussions.

In the group coaching and our 1:1 calls

  • You'll have the safe space to ask all your questions.

  • You'll learn about the most important skills you need to confidently build successful products.

  • You'll find your own common thread, and your unique strengths and tone of voice in your product craft.

  • You'll see your unknown unknowns to further up-skill in a focused way.

  • And I'll share with you my experience and tools so that you can deliver immediately.


  • 6 group sessions, 1 hour each.

  • I'll guide our discussions based on topics that you as a group will select.

  • Additionally up to 3 1:1 coaching sessions per person with me, 45 minutes each.

Participation in this group coaching format requires a successful application.

The next cohort will begin on 20. February 2023.

The application deadline is 31. January 2023.

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback from others."

Timberly Williams

Potential topics for the group coaching are*

*The group finally selects the topics to be worked on.


Your Coach:
Büşra Coşkuner

12 years experience in Product Management and Leadership.

Worked at Product-led companies like Doodle and home24, and has introduced agile and lean product management and discovery processes and modern product management practices in companies that she's worked for.

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