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My Mission

I want to simplify Product Management by encouraging to use more common sense and focusing on the real life situation to successfully transfer theory to practice.

My Mission


"In theory, theory and practice are the same.

In practice, they are not."

Albert Einstein

Product is an exciting craft! There's always so much to discover, to plan, to deliver. Getting feedback for a product that you've built feels amazing! At the same time, Product Management is tough! There's always a lot to do, a lot to communicate, a lot to balance and a lot to learn. You read about many different theories, frameworks and methods on what you should do, why you should do it and how you should do it. 

But when you try to apply them, reality hits you. And when it hits you, it hurts. 

It hurts because you realize that theories don't work 1 to 1 in practice... Your colleagues or your company has a different understanding of your job. The tools you'd need are not in place. The roles and responsibilities are not clear. You lack skills in your team. You don't know a good method to approach your project or task at hand. Etc...

You start to struggle and desperately try to find ways how to make the theory work. Things starts to get complicated and even overwhelming for you. 

What if I told you that we'll be more successful when we simply embrace reality, analyze the situation well and use more common sense? What if all we need is what we already have to use our current knowledge successfully and gain relevant new knowledge quickly? What if I told you that a practical approach, based on learning and common sense, makes Product Management simpler than desperately trying to follow theoretical that mostly work in ideal scenarios only?

Pure theory won't always work because the truth is typically somewhere between theory and reality. But theory combined with pragmatism, context and common sense gives us enough information and power to master every situation.

I stand for a simple way of Product Management that is close to reality - simply by using common sense to transfer theory successfully to practice!

Work with me

and make Product Management simpler.

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