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My Values

One reason why my teams have always enjoyed working with me and respected​ me is because I'm holding true to my values. 

Having values we hold on to makes us human. Work ethics and values make us equal partners.

Respect each other. And do no harm.

Transparency, Communication, Collaboration

I believe in the power of collaboration. I believe, we can achieve the greatest things in the world if we work together towards a common goal, not against each other. An open and honest communication and transparency are key for a good collaboration. Though nobody has yet mastered transparency and communication, I set high standards for myself to always give my best to keep transparency, communication and collaboration high, as part of my open and honest nature.

For transparency, an open and honest communication, and a collaborative culture to achieve success together!

Fairness, Equality, Inclusion

Once the basics for good collaboration are set with transparency and communication, what's needed to master it is equality and fairness. I like to express this by giving chances and include my team mates and coachees as much as possible and show them that I want them to actively contribute to decision making. 

Who wins when people treat other people differently than they would like to be treated themselves?

Who wins when you give people you work together with the feeling that they’re being treated unfairly?

Who wins when you keep people out of the loop because you think you are the soloist of the band?


Fairness, equality and inclusion are the fundamentals of respecting each other.

Curiosity, Openness, Trust

So how do you achieve an inclusive, respectful and collaborative work environment? By trusting your teammates. By showing them that it's okay to be curious, to try things out, to fail, to learn and grow. By being open to their ideas, their input, their feedback. Open to criticism. Open to them telling you that "it's a stupid idea". Open to show them that you're doing mistakes, too, because you're curious and rather try things out and learn instead of discussing too much and never getting to the point.

Only if you're open to failure and trust your teams to make the best decisions to reach the common goal, you can be sure to have motivated people who will follow you.

Work with me

and make Product Management simpler.

Let's all be more open and curious.

Let's all be more respectful.

Let's all be more collaborative.

Let's not do harm.

At work, in private life, as well as to our environment.

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