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Product Analytics Bootcamp

Level-Up Your Product Management Skills, start speaking data.

Learn to define, connect and read metrics, connect different analytics frameworks, and make data-informed decisions with the most hands-on and practical cohort based online course on product analytics.

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It's so great how even weeks and months after the bootcamp, the content is coming into practice. To see how the outcome and mindset benefit sustainably and earnings are established in the long term.

Anna-Lena Deckers, Product Manager, Germany

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Analytics Courses Do NOT Work.

Learning product is a scam. You pay $10k for a course just consisting of overly-theoretical videos & "live" sessions with 200 students sitting on a Zoom call, or spend $60k on an MBA that is completely out-dated! 

We get it.

And that is precisely why we launched this bootcamp:
We believe that analytics & metrics can only be learnt in the real-world, by putting theory into practice.

We go beyond teaching you just vague, disconnected buzzwords, helping you:

  • Structure your organisation’s product metrics correctly and picking the ones

  • Collaborate with stakeholders effectively through finding only relevant outcomes and defining & tracking metrics

  • Actually track & measure metrics & data analytics in the real world with Mixpanel

Define, read, and understand metrics

Blog posts & YouTube videos can help you understand concepts, but not how to “connect the dots”. We’ll help you do that: Connect the dots with metrics and analytics by actually applying analytics & metrics in the real-world to YOUR current product.

Learn how to define relevant metrics, read charts, and connect business and product measures. Start implementing data-informed decision-making processes, become a high-impact Product Manager and build successful products.


Cohort based learning

Our program is designed in cohorts, which means you will collaborate with other product managers and learn from their experiences. You will also get feedback from peers and build relationships that last beyond the course. Whenever you have a question, you can also raise it in our community of +200 PMs to get another perspective.

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Learn from industry experts

We don't worry about "famous" teachers or brand names. Our success comes from a laser-like focus on putting cutting-edge theory into practice, based on years of hands-on experience in product management and analytics. To help you navigate the messy uncertainty of doing product in the real world.

You will interact with us twice a week in the class and a personal 1:1 to get coached on your very own product analytics journey.


Büşra Coşkuner

Lead Mentor

Founder Producteer


Henry Latham

Lead Mentor

Founder Prod MBA

A Radically Hands-On, Modern Curriculum

To become a true leader, you need to understand great theory. We agree. But to get real value, you need to put that theory into practice, in the real-world.

Product is messy & nuanced. That’s why everything we teach you is designed to be as hands-on & actionable as possible, so you are able to actually put it into practice, whether developing new - or improving existing - products in your day-to-day role.


Integrate Real Analytics With Real Case Studies

As well as mastering your own product analytics playbook, to really internalise everything we teach, you will be supported in applying what we teach in your day-to-day work.

The Bootcamp covers 3 areas: Finding the right metrics, connecting them to the product and business reality, and making sense of them.

Metrics Foundations


Specifically, we cover:

  • The Road Ahead

  • Intro to Mixpanel

  • Good Metrics, Bad Metrics, Guardrail Metrics

  • Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

  • Average, Mean & Median


Week 1

Specifically, we cover:

  • GSM & Heart


KPI/Metrics tree & GQM

Week 2

Specifically, we cover:

  • Metrics Tree

  • GQM

  • Measurement Plan

North Star Metric

Week 3

Specifically, we cover:

  • North Star Metrics

  • Running a North Star Metric Workshop

Impact Mapping & Experiments

Week 4

Specifically, we cover:

  • Impact Mapping

  • Taking Impact Mapping to Experimentation

  • Writing Good Hypotheses with Test Cards

  • Finding the Right Metrics and Guardrails

  • Bonus: Finding The Right Experiments

  • Bonus: Finding & Picking Risky Assumptions

Telling Stories with Data

Week 5

Specifically, we cover:

  • Telling Stories With Data

  • Asking the questions to your data team

How to analyse data

Week 6

Specifically, we cover:

  • Data v. Conclusions

  • Data & Analytics 101: A Recap From Week 1

  • Retention & Cohort Analysis

  • Mixpanel Case Studies

Data analysis & Dashboard integration

Week 7

Specifically, we cover:

  • Informing Our Strategy & Pivoting

  • Median v. Mean

  • Correlation Matrix: Instagram

  • Mixpanel: An Intro to Mixpanel & Bubble

  • Mixpanel: Planning Your Dashboard

Dashboard Review & Saying Goodbye

Week 8

Specifically, we cover:

  • Mixpanel Dashboard Creation

  • Final Review

Learn-By-Doing With a Micro Class of max. 20 PMs


Our product bootcamps are intense, hands-on & designed to get you out of your comfort zone. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy product people around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher, classmates & your weekly “squad”.


Live Sessions & Solo Work

Each week, you’ll be expected to do:

  • Watch 30mins of video content

  • Join 2x 1hr Live Workshops

  • Complete a 10min Assignment

  • Join a 1:1 (only Week 1, 4 & 8)


Beyond that, you can connect with our community of +200 PMs.

Meet our Bootcamp Alumni

We're proud to work with aspiring product leaders, from founders to product leads, startups to corporates. We look for ambition & grit from bootcamp applicants, rather than years of experience.


"I felt myself turning a weakness into a strength over the course of the 8 weeks."

Max Ladbrooke, Product Manager, UK


"The mindset I've gained from the bootcamp - focusing on impact and outcomes - has been really powerful"

Christian Strehl, Product Manager, Germany


"I loved the interactive, hands-on workshops!"

Karishma Singh, Product Manager, New Zealand


"Practising different strategies for approaching product metrics, with frameworks like AARRR & GQM has been invaluable"

Daniel Fernandez, Product Manager UK


"It was just so practical!"

Burcu Gürel, Product Manager, Turkey


"I loved the interactive workshops, putting frameworks like Impact Mapping into practice - rather than just covering the theory!"

Tue Larsen, Senior Product Manager, Denmark

Transparent and flexible payment plans

Pay today & save 14%

£2,199   £1,899

  •  Adaptable product analytics playbook

  •  Real-world experience

  •  Lifetime access to video content

  •  1x1 coaching & 16 live sessions

  •  Exclusive product network

  •  Job postings

  •  Our 100% Moneyback Guarantee



Our learn-by-doing approach plus authentic, hands-on support means you are engaged from start to finish



Unlike theoretical courses or books, we get you to experience what building great products is ACTUALLY like in the real world



If you're not happy at any point with any bootcamp, we refund 100% of the cost.

Read more below.

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Thank you for signing up!


Not Happy?
Get Your Money Back.

In terms of the bootcamp's outcomes, we guarantee you will:

  • Become part of the rare few Product Managers able to work with data, from setting company objectives down to tracking individual experiments

  • Integrate analytics, build a real dashboard & run multiple data-informed experiments

  • Be confident running workshops based on 10+ leadership & metric frameworks

  • Unlock promotion & senior leadership roles

We are so confident in our extremely hands-on, real-world approach that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee. That means, if you request a refund at any point during the programme, you will receive it immediately, no questions asked.

We are the ONLY company that offers this, as our completion rate & customer satisfaction scores are so high.

(We've never seen Reforge, Product School, Mind the Product, etc., even post their success metrics.)


Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime. Jump on a quick zoom

Do I need product management experience?

Not necessarily, although we only take on less experienced applicants if they show grit, determination & strong product potential.

Who is this Bootcamp best suited for?

While we strongly believe that our bootcamp is appropriate for any level of data maturity, we have found that there are three types of product managers who will benefit the most: Product Managers who don't work with data at their current employer but want to get into the topic, Product Managers who have just started working with data but don't know where to start, and Product Managers who have already worked with data but not in a structured way and are now looking for a structured approach.

I can't afford this. Are there other ways to pay?

1. If you present a strong business case to your boss, many companies will cover the cost. We suggest using this template to maximise your chances of getting approval. 2. If you must pay yourself, you can split payments over 3 months (or 12 months for UK-based students). Please mention which option you would like to take when you apply. It's also worth noting that a majority of students get a 20+% pay rise within 12 months, so you will make your money back within a few months.

Why this bootcamp v. Product School?

Quite simply, our focus on hands-on, actionable learning. Great theory is an essential foundation, but real experience is only built in the real world. That's why every live session is run in small groups, looking at real-world case studies, applying frameworks to your company's product & making time for discussion.

Why this bootcamp v. GoPractice Simulator?

GoPractice shares our philosophy of learning through applying. However, the lack of mentorship, interactive live sessions & applicability of the learning to your day-to-day work as a Product Manager means that - unfortunately - GoPractice still lives in the world of theory, not of action.

Why this bootcamp v. Reforge?

"Live" classes with over 200 people? No contact with mentors? That's not how you learn effectively. Sure, you'll cover some interesting theory with Reforge, but nothing compares to the confidence & impact you will gain by building a real product from zero. Not convinced? Not only do we publish our completion rate & customer satisfaction scores, but we also offer a 100% Moneyback Guarantee if you're not happy.

Will I get a certification at the end?

Yes, although this should never be the reason to join the programme. You will become a great product leader through experience & getting out of your comfort zone, not adding endless certifications to your CV.

How many people in a Bootcamp?

Each bootcamp has maximum 20 students. A small group means accountability, genuine support & a strong bond with your cohort.

Become a Data-Informed Product Manager

We help PMs & POs build their own product analytics playbook, become product leaders making data-informed decisions, and become confident in applying product analytics to any product they work on for the rest of their career.

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