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Level-up your product management and product thinking skills!

Upskill on product analytics, product thinking, and hypothesis based product management, and learn how to facilitate important product workshops.

Check out my courses and workshops. Get in touch for in-house request.


Up-skilling in Product Management and Product Thinking

Are you a...

Product Manager who wants to level up their Product Management skills to master their craft and advance in their career? Or is facing a challenge at their current job and is looking for closing a knowledge or skill gap to handle the situation?

Product Leader who is trying to push a mindset shift and move the company toward product thinking to better define winning products? Or trying to kick off some engagements to get a momentum started towards building products better?

Agile Coach or Scrum Master who is tasked to bring more product thinking into the company and guide a transformation into a customer centric product management approach ("product-led company"), and is now looking to enhance their toolkit to guide the company in the right direction?

Check out my courses, workshops and trainings.

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Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping is a powerful technique that helps organizations align their initiatives with strategic goals and create a clear roadmap for success. Unlike generic workshops, ours takes customization to the next level. We understand that every company is unique, facing distinct obstacles and opportunities. That's why we will work closely with you to identify your organization's specific pain points and develop a workshop agenda that tackles them directly. We will work out together how to include the results into your daily work stream and if needed how to combine them further activities like OKR planning, discovery, strategic planning, Roadmapping, Opportunity Solution Trees, etc.

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Evidence based decision making

Are you ready to revolutionize your product management approach and unleash the potential of your team? Join our exclusive workshop, where we'll guide you through the exciting world of hypothesis-based product management and evidence based decision making. Our workshop is designed to help you develop a testing mindset and equip you with the tools and techniques to create impactful products. Through a series of hands-on exercises and interactive discussions, we'll guide you in designing small-scale experiments that provide valuable insights and drive continuous learning.

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Discover Your North Star Metric

Together we will find your compass to guide your product's growth and success. Through a series of engaging exercises, collaborative discussions, we will identify your product's North Star Metric and its crucial input metrics, enabling you to align your initiatives and drive impactful results. We guide you in testing and iterating your North Star Metric and help you align your roadmap and objectives with the North Star Metric.

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Get in touch. Let's talk about your unique needs.

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What others say about working with me


Julia Vogel Wenzin, Zürich, 1:1 Coaching

I had the pleasure working with Büsra on a 1:1 coaching basis during my time as Head of PM. I needed a sparring partner and found with Büsra a coach who is a super listener and who is able to structure seemingly complex issues into overarching PM topics.

Her experience and knowledge is endless and her ressources, links, pointers are at the same time helpful, inspirational and thought-provoking. I highly recommend Büsra as a dedicated professional who will guide you through your challenges and help you achieve a clear and focused mindset.

Work with me

and define winning products.

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