My Services

For companies as well as individuals. Remote or onsite.

Whether you want to ramp up your product, process, people skills, you need a different perspective regarding your plans, or need hands-on product leadership, let's talk and see how I can support you.

Why you should work with me

With over 10 years of experience in all things product management, I've seen many different situations in different industries that made me realize three very important aspects of product management:

1. Theory is not equal to practice!

Frameworks are nice, but best is to use the pieces of those frameworks that help you best in the situation instead of blindly following rules of that framework.

I stand for practicality and pragmatism instead of rigid execution.

2. Product is a team sports!

Whether in leadership, mid-level or execution focused product manager: You build great products without working closely with your team! And a team needs to support each other and collaborate well.

I stand for team work.

3. Reliability and transparency over politics!

In product, we need to make tough decisions everyday. Mostly in dynamic and quickly changing environments. You need support, persistence and transparency so that your team and your company trust you to make decisions in the best interest of everyone involved.

I stand for trust and reliability.

Let me add value to your company, your team and your product managers by bringing in my hands-on experience in product management, pragmatic way of thinking, and reliable way of working to meet high standards, so that we can together up-skill your team members, build product organizations and products that create customer & business value.

How can I support you?

For Companies

Consulting, Creating, Leading

  • I can join your team on the leadership level to help with hiring, shaping and coaching your product team and leading your product operation temporarily

  • I can join your startup and help you to set up a user centric product organization

  • I can coach your product managers and owners to improve their skills to become the best version of themselves, either as individuals or in teams

  • I can join your product team, work hands-on on projects and thereby up-skill your product managers and owners on the real life example

  • I can activate my network and get the skills, knowledge and training that you need for your projects

In-house, Online, Onsite

Training, Workshops, Speaking

  • You want to train your team on product topics like Data Driven Product Management, Lean Startup, Evidence vs. Guesses, Discovery and Delivery as a PM, or Remote Product Team Management?

  • You need in-house training, on the job training or individual training on very specific product topics?

  • You need a subject matter expert as moderator for your product workshops?

  • You are looking for a Product Leader to join your next conference as a speaker?

For Product Managers & Leaders

Coaching, Mentoring, Sparring

  • You are new to Product Management or Ownership and want to ramp up your skills?

  • You are a Product Leader and need a sparring partner who gives you a different perspective regarding your plans?

  • You want to grow in your career and need support on how to continue?

  • You have questions regarding PMing that you feel you cannot ask anyone, but you certainly need answers for?

  • You are a female Product Manager who experiences the difference and needs support on how to deal with those situations and grow regardless?