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Creating strong product teams
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Empower your product teams.

Make decisions with clarity and focus.

Learn and grow in your product management craft.

Build successful digital products with modern product management practices.

Building successful products with the right mindset


Being product-led has become the goal of many companies as the industry has understood that the way we build products today isn't sustainable: Throwing a bunch of money at an idea that's based on a pure guess of what the market might need without having clear indication, and building features based on internal preferences rather than customer needs. The result is what we see happening now: Lot's of money getting lost in so called "feature factories" without bringing the business impact that was expected.

Building digital products with product thinking and modern product management practices helps teams deliver the expected business outcomes while building products that customers feel excited to use. Organizations generate more value with their money because they find out what the market and the customers really need and build only what's necessary to satisfy them.

But how does this work?

What does "being product-led" mean in practice?

How can you lead modern digital product management teams?

How can you keep top talent with offering a future in a more modern way?


How can you become a modern and effective digital product manager or leader?


How can you create modern product teams that deliver customer and business value?


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Julia Vogel Wenzin, Zürich, 1:1 Coaching

I had the pleasure working with Büsra on a 1:1 coaching basis during my time as Head of PM. I needed a sparring partner and found with Büsra a coach who is a super listener and who is able to structure seemingly complex issues into overarching PM topics.

Her experience and knowledge is endless and her ressources, links, pointers are at the same time helpful, inspirational and thought-provoking. I highly recommend Büsra as a dedicated professional who will guide you through your challenges and help you achieve a clear and focused mindset.

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