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Enabling Product Managers and Teams to Build Winning Products with Confidence.

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I'm a product leader

I'm a product manager

  • Product leaders, get your time back while increasing your team’s effectiveness

    As a product leader, you have certain responsibilities in the organization, towards your teams, and your customers.

    Getting your product managers trained ensures the effectiveness and success of your entire product teams. But you struggle to:

  • Product Managers, unlock your potential: Master your craft and grow personally and professionally

    As a product manager, you are continuously learning and looking for:

    Product mastery enhances your career, fuels fulfillment, drives success, differentiates you, and fosters growth. But you...

How I can help

1:1 Coaching & training

Elevate your product mastery through our expert 1:1 coaching, tailored for individuals and leaders alike. Boost confidence, effectiveness, and competitive edge in crafting customer-centric products. 

Private training & workshops

Master the skills essential for you and your product team to work in an empowered product team. I provide diverse tools and techniques to enable product management teams in finding the right user problems to solve and deciding how to solve them effectively to drive business and user outcomes.


regularly speak at companies and Product, Tech and Agile conferences such as Product Management Festival, INDUSTRY Dublin, Craft by Crafthub, ACE, and more.

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My experience

I am a product manager at heart and love to apply practical thinking to the situation at hand.

I make abstract product theory tangible and applicable.
​I’ve been in product management my whole career and have worked in different angles of creating products. I love helping product managers and teams to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from building better products, and growing them into effective and confident product architects.

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