A selection of events I've spoken at:

"You don't just have charisma on stage, but even over Zoom. Only few people have that!”

Charismatic, inspiring, yet actionable and practical talks.

I regularly speak at companies and Product, Tech and Agile conferences such as Product Management Festival, INDUSTRY Dublin, Craft by Crafthub, ACE, and more.

I also give back to the community by speaking at meetups such as several ProductTanks, several Scrum User Groups, Agile Tuesday, Product People, and more.

I make abstract product management theory tangible and practical.

Theory often sounds far away from our everyday work. Ideal-world scenarios, abstract interconnections with other theory, dogmatic repetition.

Oftentimes it’s difficult to apply these theories into practice: ”Our challenges are different.”

Let’s change that.

Let’s talk about real-world application of theories, how the right action in the right moment with the right people can make a real difference to the way work, the way we build products, and the way we make a real impact on our customers’s, user’s, and colleague’s lives.

All my talks come with the lens of practical application.

Some feedback on my talks:

Live Events

Conferences, webinars, meetups, and more. Check out upcoming events you’ll be able to find me speaking at and past events I spoke at. 

Upcoming Events

INDUSTRY The Product Conference

Talk: Connecting business goals and user outcomes with Impact Mapping on steroids

Keynote in Dublin, 17.-19. June 2024

ACE Conference

Talk at ACE Conference in Krakow, 13.-14. June 2024

Talk in Krakow, 13.-14. June 2024

Craft Conference by Crafthub

Talk: When Skynet takes over, will you be its servant? How product thinking can help you stay relevant as a software engineer.

Talk in Budapest, 30.-31. May 2024

Product Owner Days

Talk: Outcome-based Roadmaps – Mythos oder Realität?

Keynote in Cologne, 12.-13. March 2024.

Past events

Product Management Festival 2020

Presentation title: Evidence based idea management

Conference, Zurich

How do you decide which problem to tackle next, which feature to implement, and when you need to run experiments first? Which idea is most likely to create value for your users and your business? With an evidence based thought pattern, making these decisions, fostering communication and changing your colleague’s mindset when approaching you with ideas get much easier.


Talk: Impact Mapping

Webinar, 6. June 2023, online

Listen to podcasts, watch and read interviews with me


Podcast - German

One Knight in Product

Podcast - English

Episode 40 – Practical Product Management & Demonstrating Product Thinking

And we additionally talked about MVPs, no-code, the tech hub Berlin vs. Switzerland, women in business, working moms, and more.

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