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Who I Am

I am a product manager at heart and love to apply practical thinking to the situation at hand.

I've been in product my whole career and love to help individuals and companies to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from building great products and grow into confident and successful product leaders.

About Büşra

Hi! My name is Büşra CoşkunerI'm a product coach, trainer, educator, and speaker at conferences and podcasts.

The correct way to pronounce my name is [ˈbyʃrɑː ˈdʒoʃkunɛr] or 'Byshra Joshcuner'.

You'll find me sharing actionable tips and tricks, thoughts from conversations with other product professionals, and learnings and aha-moments from my coaching, training and teaching engagements on LinkedIn an in my Brain Dump aka blog.

I was born in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. I've spent the majority of my life in this wonderful city that I call home, and moved to another wonderful city in 2016: Zurich, Switzerland where I live with my beautiful daughter and wonderful husband.

I love good coffee, matcha and food, and can't say no to a German Käsekuchen.

To learn more about my professional experience, keep reading below.

My service is based on hands-on experience as a product professional

My biggest strength: I'm from the field!

I've seen startups, scale-ups, grown up tech companies, enterprises with corporate structures.

I've been in SaaS, e-commerce, market places, telecommunication, in an agency business, and recently in FinTech.

I've built completely new products, iterated on mature products, scaled small products, sunsetted dying products, and ran experiments to an extend that I've even killed products.

Since 2011, as a product manager, product leader, and product coach.

You see, I've seen many different scenarios which taught me that 

  1. no company, product and team is alike.
    We'll find out together what you need in your very unique situation.

  2. some methods and frameworks work for everyone but most need to be adjusted.
    I'll help you to practically and pragmatically apply the broad toolbox of product management to create successful and confident products, product teams, and product leaders.

  3. theory and practice are not the same.
    I'll guide you on applying what you read in articles and books to your reality, connect the dots, and leverage first principles rather than staying stuck in theoretic and idealistic scenarios. 

Companies I have worked and am partnering with.

I love my profession! I love the different aspects of product management and leadership, and the dynamics that teams go through while discovering the real beauty of building products.

I love the "Aha" expression the faces of my coachees when they reach clarity in their minds and regain their focus.

I love the relieved expression of product teams when they get off the pressure to apply specific frameworks and learn how to apply the thoughts processes and mindsets that these frameworks teach us to build successful products.

I love to watch how product people grow their confidence when I help them master the craft of product management, and turn into product ninjas.

I'm very passionate about what I do because I love to see your smiling face when it all makes sense now, all becomes clear now, you get unstuck, can make conscious decisions, and you know what to do next. 

Work with me

and define winning products.

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