Who I Am

I'm a full heart product leader from Berlin, living in Zurich, who loves to apply practical thinking to the situations at hands.


I've been in product my whole career and love to help individuals and companies to overcome the obstacles that hold them back from building great products.

Product Woman

with Glitter and Music in her mind

Hi! My name is Büşra Coşkuner, pronounced [ˈbyʃrɑː ˈdʒoʃkunɛr] or 'Byshra Joshcuner'.

I was born in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. I've spent the majority of my life in this wonderful city that I call home (although I've cheated Berlin with Duisburg, Istanbul and Ankara for short periods), and moved to another wonderful city in 2016: Zurich, Switzerland, where I'm living now.

As my family still lives in Berlin, I'm in my hometown quite often. So, don't be surprised if you see me there, sitting in a hipster coffee shop, enjoying a really good cup of coffee.

You might have guessed now: I love really good coffee! Therefore, I love having meetings in coffee shops with good coffee, or sitting there to work.

When I'm not drinking coffee or working, I love dancing salsa, baking and going to the movies. 

I see myself as a full heart "Product Woman with glitter and music in her mind". I have proudly been using this tag line on my LinkedIn profile for a very long time now. "Glitter and music" stands for passion and craziness. You need to be passionate and a little bit crazy if you want to be a good Product Manager and Leader who encourages and is open to trying things out, knowing that 80% of the experiments will fail, but the other 20% will lead the product to great success.

Product people are analytical but at the same time creative people. We need the passion to get in touch with users and try to understand their problems. And we need the craziness to see all those possible ways we could go to solve them. 

Let's be passionate, let's be crazy! Let's have glitter and music in our minds...

My service is based on hands-on product management experience

I've been in Product Management ever since I've finished my studies of Industrial Engineering & Management at the Technical University of Berlin/Germany in 2011. I have been working in various disciplines of product: Research and discovery, planning, delivery, project management - even as a Scrum Master.

While leading different types of products of large and small companies of various industries in Germany and Switzerland like Doodle, Home24, siroop, Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service and more, I've evolved into a Product Coach and Trainer. My network and partnerships are as great a strength as my expertise when it comes to supporting my clients.


On top of my agile and lean DNA, strengthened while working in those dynamic, fast paced and complex environments and handling uncertainty, I hold a certificate as a Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner and Scrum Master at the Scrum Alliance. Additionally, I love to be in the startup scene and therefore voluntarily work with the Startup Weekend Zurich team.

I love my profession! I love the different aspects of product management and leadership. What's important to me in the collaboration is the product, the company's collaboration culture, and the team.

I'm especially excited about supporting startups as well as female and new product managers. 

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