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A remote Product Manager's toolbox

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

In this video - co-created with #PoDojo - I'm showing (yes showing, not only talking about) the tools that have supported me in my product work in a remote setup.

Here's the list of the tools:

General collaboration

  • G-Suite or Office 365 - Basic tooling (email, docs, spreadsheets, presentations etc.)

  • or MS Teams - communication

  • or hangouts or whereby- communication

  • webex or gotomeeting - video conferencing for >100 people on paid plans

  • or confluence (evernote) - documentation

  • Airtable - smart spreadsheet

  • Zapier - tool automation

Daily Work

  • Jira, Trello, Asana - project management

  • Standuply - slack app for written standups

  • - sends message at 9am the next day

  • Workast (ex. To-do bot) - slack app for managing to-do lists

  • giphy app

  • BirthdayBot

  • Toby or OneTab, FreshStart - tabs & session management for tab-monster

  • - mindmapping

Meetings & Time zones

Webinar extras

  • - realt time Q&A & polling

  • is experimenting with a BETA that you need to ask for access: Zoom call within so that you can Q&A & poll during a Zoom call

  • livestorm - webinar type video calls, live streaming, video recording -- disclaimer: haven't tried as organizer, only as participant, but that works incredibly well

  • OBS - e.g. for user testing oder webinars as well (sorry, not mentioned in the video)

  • loom vs. zoom - video recording e.g. for walkthroughs


  • Miro or Mural

  • or (or Miro or Mural) - Retrospectives

  • Check out for getting ideas on retrospectives, planning and more

Heard of but haven’t tried it yet at this point:

  • - centralizing accounts

  • - 1-1s & check-ins

  • donut app - random meetings with team mates

  • - quiz to get to know your co-workers

  • - asynchronous audio messaging

Update 05.02.2021: The Great Suspender got removed from the Chrome Web Store because it got flagged as containing malicious code. Here's an article that explains details and shows alternatives:

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